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Round 11 Review / Round 12 Preview

By Vaseline May27,2024






True Believers, all.


A comment or two about the umpiring. Firstly, let me applaud our Coach’s stated views, avoiding a stand-up argument with the AFL, and his refusal to seek to blame events. Secondly, I wish to record my view about the umpiring, in general, and specifically the game-deciding decisions on Friday night. Let me reinforce that these are my opinions only. Let me cut to the chase? Compare the umpiring / refereeing in different countries, in different sports. When we consider the umps have had a good game, we recount that we’ve barely seen them. In my view, the umpires are not part of the competition, which is totally different to US sports where their outfits and actions clearly identify them as components of the various games – gridiron and basketball, to pick two. I applaud the protection the AFL applies to the umps; compare that with soccer games anywhere. I totally agreed the AFL action last year relating to ‘that incident’ involving an umpire. There are times when I have identified the umpiring / refereeing of sports as a symptom of the different nations – for us, it is the quiet competence of aiding the competition without seeking to impose a participation. For other countries? Your choice. What other nation in the world would have had OPSM sponsor the umpires of a major national sport? What a hoot? I loved it.


So where are we? We’ve got the four Field Umpires potentially not quite overlapping with each other on the field and we have 100% TV coverage of any incident, admittedly usually after the event (though there’s an idea for the ‘fifth umpire’ role). Criticism frequently questions the effectiveness of the increased number of umpires, though I suspect the criticisms more fairly relate to the interpretation of decisions (and hence the decision(s) taken), particularly (in my view) the failure to recognise and award Frees. The umpires are critically important to the game at every level. But there needs to be some application of common sense in the way and timing of penalties. And, maybe, guided by an assessment of intent of the player(s) being punished, like happens now with the Intentional out of Bounds offence.


What about Friday. There were a number of Frees awarded that had a disproportionate impact on the game. The last Free awarded for wasting time, with 6 minutes to play 15m out from their goal, has been widely discussed. I didn’t see it as wasting time though acknowledge this depends on the umps’ view. It was certainly at a significant time and place. I can’t stop but wonder whether players in the future will leave the ball where it is for the Umpire to collect. My major concern was the failure to award a Free seconds before the siren. It was a fair tackle and there was no attempt to dispose of it.


However, as Coach McRae reflected, the game included “incredible moments” that we should all take heart from. He emphasised the team’s pursuit of “finding a way”, regardless of the challenges it faced.


Welcome your views?




Round 11

Collingwood 10.15.75 drew with Walyalup (Fremantle) 11.9.75.

Scoring shots? You can add them up.

Go Pies.

Match Report. Have a look at the Match Timeline here to understand just how the game evolved, particularly the Q4.

Coach’s interview. This is worth watching / listening to. I love his optimism and pride in the team’s performance, particularly some of the younger players (2 Debut; 6 with less than 10 games).

Question. Why can’t the AFL apply texting to these interviews, like the various news-shows? While the coach’s answers are fine, the various questions are almost impossible to hear. Does anyone have a contact to pursue this?


Q1      3 (us) / 3 (them) including 2 goals at the end of the Q giving us a 1 Point lead;

Q2      0 / 3 showing their domination of the Q establishing a 13 Points deficit for us at Half Time;

Q3      5 / 0 reciprocating, plus a bit, giving us a 16 Point lead at the final change; and

Q4      2 / 5 leading to the drawn result, totalling…

Total:   10 / 11. Another drawn game.

Numbers (some statistics taken, with comments). The numbers should be treated with some caution because they are a record across the whole game. In this game we dominated in Q3; they certainly did Q4. However, with some comments, they are interesting:


Statistic Numbers

Us / Them

Disposals 373 / 404 They dominated Disposals and Marks, below, indicating a preparedness to play a “keep’ens off” style of game.
Hit Outs (HO) 47 / 42 Not significant, as usual.
Clearances 47 / 36 Includes: 10 / 9 Centre clearances and 37 / 27 stoppage clearances.

‘Clearance to Inside 50 to Goal’ – that’s the ideal process. Here, the Midfield is dominating. See Next.

Inside 50s 50 / 49 And we’ve lost much of the benefit we had in Clearances. It’s been reduced markedly. So, it is now close enough to be dead level – this is the number of times the ball is in a position from where a score can result. But how effectively did each side use it?
Disposal Efficiency (DE) 66.2% / 73.3% Not too different. Not particularly useful, anyway, across the whole game.
DE inside 50 62.0% / 42.9% The critical difference. This is where you see how effectively the teams use their entry into the 50 – and we recorded a near 20% advantage over them. This was a match-winning statistic – each side got the ball into the 50 with similar frequency but we used it far more effectively. From a statistical perspective, we should have Won the game.
Players with DE of 80% 5 / 8 Interesting, but not particularly significant.
Contested Possessions (CP) 145 / 135 The measure of how hard each team is working – CP, UCP, Tackles and Turnovers combined.
Uncontested Possessions (UCP)


206 / 258 See above.
Turnovers 63 / 67 Really important – see above.
Marks (M) 79 / 101 Across game.
M inside 50 6 / 8 Impacts on DE inside 50 numbers.
Tackles (T) 73 / 80 Across game.
T inside 50 16 / 10 Also impacts on DE inside 50 numbers.
1 %’ers 44 / 42 Really important. Look at 1%’er numbers, Intercept Possessions and Metres Gained for our Back 6 (or so) – Moore – 6 / 6 / 193; Maynard – 7 / 6 / 402; Allan – 1 / 3 / 106; Frampton – 11 / 5 / 124; Sidebottom – 0 / 4 / 127; Noble – 2 / 3 / 473; Quaynor – 2 / 5 / 305m; Nick D – 0 / 2 /  582.
Scoring Not done as a comparison of the teams. To have a look at what was happening at the other end of the ground, check out a selection of players’ goals scored, Goal Assist numbers and Score Involvement numbers (with some overlap to the above) –

Lipinski – 1 G, 3 GA, 8 SI; Sullivan – 0, 1, 5; Richards – 1 , 1, 7; Parker – 0, 1, 1 ; Nick D – 0, 1, 8 and Hill – 1, 0, 3.

Goals scored 10 / 11 All that matters.
Free kicks 21 / 18 It was the locations of the 50m penalties which gave ‘automatic’ goals that were of such consequence. The Frees’ numbers do not address this adequately.



The Game

Q1 through to mid-Q2 – ups and downs. From then, Freo took ownership of the game booting three, unanswered goals establishing a sizeable lead at HT.  Following on from the HT break, the Pies stepped up a notch, scoring five unanswered goals and establishing a comfortable, 16 Point lead, at the final change.

But it was not enough. The first half of Q4 was goal for goal. From about the 20-minute mark of Q4, following Bobby Hill’s goal, Freo put on four unanswered goals plus a final Behind. And the scores were level. There are not too many explanations as to how they were able to achieve this in such a short period. Certainly, the gift Free, addressed above, was a notable ‘turning point.

There is not much to be seen out of the game by either side. Player selections by Collingwood, driven by injuries, show a pretty solid List depth. And it will continue to be required given further injuries in this game.

In broad terms when Collingwood ran the ball through the Centre using short handpasses, the passages of play were breathtaking; all we have always hoped to see in our great game.

The result: The Pies are now sitting 7th on the Ladder (after a period sitting 3rd before the Round was concluded), perhaps more importantly, a game (maybe even another Draw) outside the Top 4.

Best: The ADF website identifies the following as Best – Nick D, Lipinski, Josh D, Harrison, Richards and Pendles. Don’t disagree. Really pleasing to see both Harrison and Richards included. It’s all about ‘moments’. Just about everyone had their moment.

Injuries: Cox and Mihocek appeared injured, unlikely to reappear next week. Pendles appeared to have some treatment on his elbow, the seriousness is not known.

Crowd – 54,035 – Fairly good.



Round 12

Friday, 31st May – Collingwood versus Western Bulldogs (WB) at Marvel Stadium; bounce at 7.40pm.

WB are sitting 11th on the Ladder based on 5 Wins and 6 Losses, giving them 20 Points, and a percentage of 121.3%. They are a couple of Wins (or even a few more Draws) behind us sitting 7th with 6 Wins, 3 Losses and 2 Draws for a 107.1% percentage.

Current betting places us as Favourites – $1.54 / $2.50.


Their performance this season has been pretty random. Of their five Losses, at least two could have been Wins – Round 4 – Loss to Geelong by four Points at Adelaide Oval, Round 8 – Loss to Hawthorn by 7 Points at Marvel and, last week, a Loss to Sydney by 14 Points also at Marvel. A change to one, or more, of these would have lifted them up the Ladder and established further credibility of the team. A closer look at their Loss to Sydney last week is interesting. The teams were broadly equal until halfway through Q3. Then Sydney put on three goals to take an 18 Point lead into the Final change. The WB pushed towards the level, unsuccessfully, as it turned out. Go to and look at the WB substantial domination of Inside 50s (60 / 46) partially offset by their minor DE inside 50’s comparison (46.7% / 50.0%).

Certainly, they should not be seen as ‘easy-beats’.

Once again, we see a team focussed on their Midfield shown by the numbers of players to watch, listed below.

Injuries. They are also suffering a number of injuries, including Naughton from last week.

Players to watch:

Treloar – Centre. Has been producing the goods, as well as being an ex-Pie. Maybe tag – McCreery?

Bontempelli – RR. Over to you, Pendles;

Liberatore – Rover – probably not playing given concussion limits;

Macrae – FP. Brother of our Macrae;

Richards – BP;

English – Ruck;

Dale – HF.


Nothing needs to change from last week except further changes to account for the losses:

Team? The addition of a couple more to replace our two latest injuries. A second Ruck to replace Cox might favour Begg getting a run in preference to using Frampton, whose contribution to the Backline is immense. Your thoughts?

Application? Possession of the ball lets you win the match – lose possession and you are fighting backwards. No change.

Game Plan? No change to the current plan. Work on kick-in plan.

Be happy? Much better.

Necessary Actions?

Close attention to their Midfield – tag Treloar;

Debut Begg;

Win the Midfield battle – use the measures of Clearances and Inside 50s to assess; and

Enjoy the Win.

  1.     Free to air coverage on 7mate from 7.30pm.

Other on Kayo.

Weather. Showers are forecast Thursday – Saturday of the game week. Significance? Not a lot – shut the roof.

My prediction.          Collingwood to Win by 17 Points.

BOG – Pendles with 24 Disposals, 13 Clearances.

Harrison and Richards each score 3 goals.



VFL. Following a pretty substantial trouncing by Werribee , the VFL side had a Bye this weekend – great timing. This result shifts us down the Ladder to 16th, needing to get back to 10th to play Finals.

Next: R10. Friday, 31st May versus Footscray Bulldogs at Marvel; bounce at 4.05pm, immediately before our AFL game. Unfortunately, Footscray is doing particularly well – undefeated this season, so far; sitting at the top of the Ladder. Go get em, boys. Anyone considering catching the game? Reports please?

R11. Sunday, 9th June versus Casey Demons at Casey Fields; bounce at 2.05pm. This game is between 16th and 17th places on the Ladder so could be a good game. Note that this game will follow the VFLW game. Catch both.

VFLW. Also not a great result last week with a close Loss to North Melbourne. They are now currently sitting 10th needing to be Top 6 to play Finals.

Next: R11. Sunday, 2nd June – Collingwood versus Southern Saints at the AIA Centre; bounce 11.00am. 10th versus 14th – should be a good game.

R12. Sunday, 9th June – Casey Demons versus Collingwood at Casey Fields; bounce 11.05am. 8th versus 10th – should be a good game. Note that this game immediately precedes the VFL game. Catch both.

Games. Remember for those who can’t get to the VFL / VFLW games, you can watch them live at

Ground Reports? Now I’m not sure who went to the last game. Do we have any Perth-based members? I’d like to hear from the armchair warriors watching from afar?  More please.

Always believe. Go Pies.



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