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‘Fearmongering’: Labor denies ending ‘tax breaks’ for private schools would lead to…

By Vaseline May27,2024

May 27, 2024, 9:32 AM

Rewatch: Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson joins Paul Brand | 25/05/2024

Labor has dismissed warnings that ending ‘tax breaks’ for private schools would increase pressure on state schools.

There are warnings that ending the tax breaks would lead to an “exodus” of students withdrawn from their private schools as parents struggle to pay their fees.

Labor has been warned this could increase pressure on state schools, some of which are already oversubscribed.

But Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson branded the warnings as ‘scaremongering’.

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'Tax breaks' for private schools would end 'immediately' if they are elected, Labor has said

‘Tax breaks’ for private schools would end ‘immediately’ if they are elected, Labor has said.

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Pressed by LBC’s Paul Brand, Ms Phillipson said: “I don’t accept the scaremongering, there are plenty of places in state schools, especially in primary schools. That’s where we see the sharpest declines in terms of where places will be needed.

“For me it’s just a simple matter of political priorities. The vast majority of children in our country go to state schools. What they want is a government that recognizes the importance of ensuring we have brilliant, expert teachers at the front of every classroom.

“We would end the tax breaks that private schools enjoy, to fill the gaps in math and science, and in all the areas where the teacher at the front of the classroom is too often just someone who is asked to intervene. That harms the lives of children. chances.”

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Ms Phillipson also told LBC that the plans are expected to raise between £1.3 billion and £1.5 billion, which she said Labor would spend on attracting new teachers.

“Labour would invest that money in 6,500 more teachers, more mental health services in our schools, more support for teachers and work experience for all our young people,” Ms Phillipson said.

Sir Keir Starmer said Labor would end tax breaks “immediately” if elected.

“As soon as possible. It is about the timetable in Parliament. But the intention is for these steps to be taken immediately,” the Labor leader told Radio 4’s Today program last week.

Lord Keir Starmer

Lord Keir Starmer.

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Some headteachers have warned that parents are already starting to cut places at private schools under Labour’s proposed plans.

Silas Edmonds, principal of Ewell Castle School in Surrey, told The Telegraph: “Several groups of seven families and families of pupils who would have been in the sixth form have withdrawn because they are simply too concerned about these extra costs .”

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