Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Boluda Towage expands UK presence with SMS Towage purchasing

By Vaseline May27,2024

The world’s largest tugboat operator Boluda Towage has signed an agreement to acquire British company SMS Towage.

The acquisition includes the acquisition of the port, offshore towage and maritime activities, together with management, office staff, crew and fleet, based in the United Kingdom.

SMS has been active in Great Britain since 1992, first as a ship management company and since 2002 as a towing company. The company currently operates in the British ports and regions of Tyne, Tees, Humber, Portsmouth, South Wales and Belfast. with a fleet of 20 tugboats.

With this addition, Boluda Towage will expand its footprint in Great Britain, as it already operates in the ports of Invergordon (Cromarty Firth), London, Liverpool and Southampton.

Following the official completion of the transaction, SMS will become part of the Boluda Towage organization in the United Kingdom and the new brand name will be Boluda Towage SMS. Boluda Towage SMS’s local management team reports to Philip Dulson, Managing Director of Boluda Towage in Great Britain.

“The strong local team, with highly committed colleagues, will bring a lot of experience and expertise to our company. With exciting times ahead, we certainly plan to utilize SMS Towage’s professional crews and experienced employees for future projects,” said Vicente Boluda Ceballos, EVP of Boluda Towage.

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