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The International Boxing Hall of Fame Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary and the Hall of Fame Class of 2024 – Oneida Dispatch

By Vaseline Jun10,2024

IBHOF Class of 2024 inductee Michael Moorer delivers his induction speech discussing post-career support for boxers.

The city of Canastota and the nearby city of Verona celebrated the 35th anniversary of the International Boxing Hall of Fame by welcoming boxers, promoters and fans to honor the Class of 2024. The weekend ceremony is one of the exclusive draws for Central New York. The festivities began with the ringing of the ceremonial bell, which took place on the museum grounds. Throughout the weekend, many boxers, promoters and journalists had the opportunity to tell stories, answer questions and say why the sport of boxing influenced them. The additional attractions associated with the Hall of Fame have also returned, including the initial casting, the autograph card show, the 5K run/walk and the Banquet of Champions that would all lead up to Sunday’s ceremony. Let’s meet the new class of boxing legends and the Class of 2024.

Non-participant: The Hall of Fame honors those who made an impact on the boxing world who may not have been fighters in the ring. This category includes promoters, writers/journalists, broadcasters and publicists. Those names include Jackie Kallen, Kenny Adams, Fred Sternburg, Wallace Matthews and Nick Charles.

Ivan Calderon, known as ‘Iron Boy’, is a retired Puerto Rican professional boxer and former two-weight world champion. Born on January 7, 1975 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Calderon held the WBO minimumweight title from 2003 to 2007 and the WBO light flyweight title from 2007 to 2010. He is known for his exceptional defensive skills and quick footwork.

Diego Corrales was a renowned professional boxer celebrated for his fearless fighting style and exceptional heart in the ring. Corrales rose to prominence in the super featherweight and lightweight divisions, capturing multiple world titles. His most memorable fight came in 2005, when he made a dramatic comeback and defeated José Luis Castillo in one of the biggest fights in boxing history. Tragically, Corrales’ life was cut short by a motorcycle accident on May 7, 2007, but his legacy as a warrior in the sport continues.

Ricky Hatton is a renowned British former professional boxer who competed from 1997 to 2012. Known for his aggressive fighting style and brutal body attacks, he was nicknamed ‘The Hitman’. Hatton held multiple world championship titles in two weight divisions, including the unified titles of light welterweight and WBA welterweight. After retiring, he transitioned to a successful career as a boxing promoter and trainer.

Michael Moorer is known for his exceptional skill and strength. He became a three-time world champion in two weight classes and made history in 1994 by defeating Evander Holyfield to become the first left-handed heavyweight champion. After an illustrious career, Moorer switched to training and mentoring young fighters.

Ana Maria Torres is a celebrated Mexican professional boxer known for her powerful punches and ruthless fighting spirit. Born in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, she made her mark in boxing by securing multiple world titles, including the WBC female super flyweight title. Often called “La Guerrera” or The Warrior, Torres is admired for her tenacity and dedication to the sport.

Jane Bank is a pioneering British boxer. She broke barriers in women’s boxing, becoming the first officially recognized female boxer in Britain in 1998 after a historic legal battle. Throughout her career, Couch has won five world titles and has been praised for her resilience and contribution to the sport. She retired in 2008 and remains an important figure advocating for women’s boxing.

Classic car: Luis Ángel FirpoOften hailed as ‘The Wild Bull of the Pampas’, was a pioneering Argentine boxer born on October 11, 1894. Known for his power and tenacity, he is best remembered for his dramatic fight against Jack Dempsey in 1923. Firpo’s legacy extends beyond only the ring, because it significantly raised the profile of the sport in Latin America.

Pioneer: Theresa “Princess Red Star” Kibby was a prominent boxer in the 1970s and was ranked number two in the world welterweight by the Women’s Boxing Federation in 1977. She started boxing at age 10, trained by her father, Dave Kibby, a former boxer, and was adopted into the Sioux tribe, which earned her. nickname. Despite excelling in other sports such as basketball, volleyball and softball, her main ambition was to become a women’s boxing champion.

IBHOF Class of 2024 inductee Ana Maria Torres with the WBC Diamond Bantamweight title and her Hall of Fame ring.
IBHOF Class of 2024 inductee Ana Maria Torres with the WBC Diamond Bantamweight title and her Hall of Fame ring.

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