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The summer holidays in this exotic country are VISA-free

By Vaseline Jun10,2024

Amid this summer heat, Indian families are desperate to visit a hill station or other tourist place. They need an escape from their boring normal lives but have few options as most tourist places are crowded these days. Now Indians have no choice but to consider foreign destinations. Thailand is a popular tourist destination for Indians. Beautiful beaches and temperate weather make it a great option. However, the biggest problem when going abroad is obtaining a visa.

To boost tourism, the Thai government has introduced new policies for 93 countries, including India. Visitors from these countries can now travel to Thailand without a visa for up to two months. This includes people from different backgrounds such as students, employees and retired officers.

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A significant portion of Thailand’s GDP comes from tourism, and since COVID-19 the country has seen a steady decline in tourist numbers. Therefore, to attract visitors from countries like India and other countries, they have implemented this visa-free plan. Thailand is popular for its beaches, countryside and hill towns.

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