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Ricciardo reveals clutch problem behind the start of Canada F1 – Motorsport Week

By Vaseline Jun10,2024

RB’s Daniel Ricciardo has revealed that a clutch problem was behind the jump start in Formula 1’s Canadian Grand Prix, which left him with a five-second gap.

Ricciardo became the first driver to be punished under the FIA’s strict measures against jump starts, as his car was deemed to have started moving “before the starting signal was given”.

The Australian admitted he was baffled by the events that had unraveled until his race engineer Pierre Hamelin told him it stemmed from a technical problem.

“It was weird because I was told I had a five-second penalty for a jump start, but I know I didn’t go through the lights so I was a bit confused,” Ricciardo explained.

“So I obviously doubted it, but then I remember having the feeling that when I looked up the revs before the start, I felt that maybe the car was moving.

“So yeah, Pierre clearly said we had a problem, so maybe a link or something. So that was clearly a small step back.”

The RB drivers have recently complained about inconsistent starts this season and boss Laurent Mekies revealed that Ricciardo’s car moved “due to a slight clutch slip”.

Daniel Ricciardo (AUS) RB VCARB 01 waves at the end of the race. 09.06.2024. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 9, Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal, Canada, race day

Ricciardo dropped to 10th when he took his penalty under the first Safety Car on lap 26 and he lost another place when Alex Albon overtook him on the restart.

“When we pitted for an Inter, we lost a few positions to the cars that were lagging, and then we couldn’t really get much out of that new Inter,” he said.

“So yeah, the race got away from us a little bit.”

But Albon dropped out as the spinning Carlos Sainz collected his Williams, while RB teammate Yuki Tsunoda ditched his car on wet grass as he cut around Turn 8.

An on-track pass on Esteban Ocon’s Alpine would complete Ricciardo’s climb back through the field to eighth, taking his first points in Grand Prix conditions of 2024.

“When it dried out towards the end we were able to push our way through a few cars,” he added. “And yes, happy to obviously finish with four points and get them.

“So yeah, it would never be perfect. I mean, these circumstances are so hard to get right for everyone.

‘So yes, we will of course continue to try to clean it up. But I think overall for a race like this we walked away with some points.

“So all in all a pretty good weekend from start to finish. And I won’t complain. It was definitely a good one.”

Ricciardo was pleased to turn his promising starting spot into a points return amid continued criticism throughout the weekend from ex-F1 champion Jacques Villeneuve.

“Yes, it was good,” he says enthusiastically. “I mean, I also think sometimes these weekends are the hardest, especially when maybe things aren’t going so well or you don’t have momentum, then you get so many, you know, we had all the circumstances this weekend.

“So that was nice to, like you say, start with finish, keep it on track, keep it steady, keep it smooth.

“So yes, we needed it. Of course I needed it. So yeah, I won’t say anything else to the others, but it’s okay. We will keep it quiet. But yes, fortunately.”

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