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Five children regain their sight in Ogun after cataract surgery

By Vaseline Jun10,2024

By Modupe Gbadeyanka

The eyesight of five children suffering from cataracts was recently restored after they underwent surgeries funded by a notable humanitarian club, Rotary District 9110 Eye Hospital, Ota, Ogun State.

It was found that three of the beneficiaries were born blind due to congenital cataracts, while two developed cataracts in one eye after injuries.

The children received medical care from the hospital’s Cataract Surgical Mission, with funding from Dr. Yinka Osoba of the Rotary Club of Yeovil and Global Sight Solutions, a British-based blindness prevention organization.

“We have been looking for sponsors to help clear the backlog of children waiting for cataract surgery. There is a huge backlog of children waiting for cataract surgeries in public hospitals as these facilities are usually overwhelmed with many children waiting for various surgeries, and this makes their future uncertain,” said the Secretary of the Rotary District 9110 Eye Hospital Charitable Trust , Dr. Basirat. Giwa, said.

She expressed optimism that this is the first of many “future interventions” to help restore sight and empower children on the brink of total blindness.

“It is heartening that many organizations are addressing cataracts in adults, but pediatric cases are less common due to the need for anesthesia and the scarcity of pediatric surgeons,” the physician stated, noting that Rotary District 9110 Eye Hospital is seeking additional partners, including Rotarians, companies and public-spirited individuals want to expand their reach because early intervention is crucial for optimal vision outcomes in children.

Since opening in December 2022, Rotary District 9110 Eye Hospital has transformed countless lives, with more than 2,000 people benefiting from affordable, high-quality cataract surgery and 3,000 beneficiaries from eyeglass prescriptions and glaucoma treatment.

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