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Violence erupts in Havana’s Finca de los Monos: authorities speak out

By Vaseline Jun10,2024

Finca de Los Monos, the site of a huge brawl that left at least six people injured last Saturday, admitted they had “underestimated the appeal of the event” and reiterated that there were no fatalities. “We regret that such an important event for our teenagers, designed together with them and for them, with an appropriate cultural program and affordable entry and dining options, was ruined. This event was intended to provide a permanent space throughout the summer, something much needed for that age group (12-17 years) that does not have comparable locations,” the entity said in Cerro, Havanastated.

The statement further clarified that there were no deaths or injuries within or near the facility. “We underestimated the potential reach of the event and the power of the appeal,” the entity acknowledged. The Finca de los Monoslocated in Santa Catalina and Palatino, concluded that the visitor numbers are the “usual figures” for events in the Palacio Tecnologico.

A poster promoting the event described it as the “2024 Summer Youth Kickoff”, scheduled from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM, with an entrance fee of 100 pesos and featuring new artists in the urban genre. Amid the flood of reports about the incident, Quinta de Los Molinos– another popular outdoor recreation space – made it clear on their social media that the brawl did not take place at their location as some wrongly believed.

The Government of Havana denied on Sunday that there were any deaths during the brawl, which took place on Saturday evening around the Finca de los Monos. Hours after the news went viral on social media, the government issued a statement calling the reports of deaths “false” and explaining that the event was “unsanctioned,” leading to a “disruption of order as people rushed to the outdoor areas of the facility moved. .”

Initially, the official source reported two non-life-threatening injuries and noted that the government and National Revolutionary Police (PNR) authorities intervened to restore order. The statement also criticized independent media and social media profiles that published the incident. Despite the clarifications, the brawl resulted in grim images of youths armed with machetes and other sharp objects, demonstrating the high level of violence in the country.

A government spokesperson said this in recent hours Humberto López increased the number of injured to six and reiterated that the viral information was false. Although Cuban authorities labeled the event as ‘not approved’, videos and promotional posts on social media indicated that it had the approval of the relevant authorities. As usual, the official denial came late, after social media had already been flooded with exaggerated numbers of deaths and injuries.

This recurring issue in Cuba prompted a brief but pointed reflection from a popular actor Luis Silva: “Do you know why there is so much Fake News? Because it takes you too long to give the Real News,” he succinctly expressed a clear but veiled criticism of the government in his Instagram stories.

Important questions about the Finca de los Monos incident

This section addresses some frequently asked questions about the violent incident at Finca de los Monos. It aims to provide clarity on the event, the authorities’ response and the broader implications for public security in Cuba.

What exactly happened at Finca de los Monos?

A huge brawl broke out during a youth event in Finca de los Monos, leaving at least six people injured. Organizers admitted they had underestimated the appeal of the event.

Have any fatalities been reported?

No, both the organizers and the Havana government have confirmed that there were no fatalities as a result of the incident.

How did the authorities respond to the incident?

Authorities, including the National Revolutionary Police, intervened to restore order. The government also issued a statement to clarify the situation and counter false reports circulating on social media.

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