Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

‘This is the man who will lead us:’ How Kirk Cousins ​​plays a role as a teacher to help young offenses

By Vaseline Jun10,2024

Cousins’ teaching style also helps as this young group learns a new offense under the leadership of offensive coordinator Zac Robinson. While everyone is taking steps to get to grips with the new plan, Cousins ​​already has some experience with the system having worked with a Minnesota Vikings coaching arm that shares Los Angeles Rams roots with Robinson.

There are times when Cousins ​​breaks down the play in a way palatable to teammates to the point where the offensive coordinator thinks, “He said it better than I did.”

“Coaches, sometimes we overcomplicate things, and players just need that quick bit. Kirk has a great way of explaining things,” Robinson said. “He’s just a good communicator.”

It helps that Cousins ​​is still as much a student as a teacher. Earlier in the offseason, head coach Raheem Morris described the quarterback as a “nerd” in meetings with his fervent note-taking and attention to detail.

“The nice thing about him is he has a quarterback that studies so much,” Bijan Robinson said. “I saw his little play sheet and his spot sheet … and he throws them in those spots in practice. I thought, ‘That’s kind of crazy.'”

Cousins’ meticulous nature was evident from the start – as was his single-mindedness with teaching – and continues as the Falcons continue their offseason programming. During their first offensive meeting, quarterbacks coach TJ Yates remembers Cousins ​​pulling out that notepad and giving an impromptu presentation, when the meeting was simply for introduction.

“It was good for the coaches (to see). It was good for the players in the room to open their eyes and say, ‘Wow, this guy is about business,'” Yates said. “This is the guy that’s going to lead us. This is the type of professional and the type of quarterback you want.”

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