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With this new delivery service you can dine at home every evening with a famous chef

By Vaseline May27,2024

For many of us, this time of year brings chaos. Whether it’s the hectic end of the financial year or busy social schedules, our meals often take a backseat when our lives are busy.

This winter, we’re prioritizing meals and stacking our menus with hearty comfort foods and simple dishes that can be prepared in a flash. Enter Providoor, the new delivery service that delivers restaurant-quality frozen meals to your home when you need them.

Sealed with freshness and flavor through the quick freezing process, Providoor is there when you need it with their small batch gourmet meals. This means you can ditch the five-minute macaroni and cheese and fill your freezer with braised beef moussaka and baked cheesecake.

Plus, if you sign up via Urban List, Providedoor gets up to 20% off your first order. They’re also giving you a chance to win up to three months of free meals and delivery – that’s $450 worth of delicious food, just in time for winter.

Dine with celebrated chefs every night

Two tarts

Silvia Colloca, Justin Narayan and Manu. Sounds familiar? Providoor has enlisted the help of some of the country’s top chefs to help design their restaurant-quality meals. With backgrounds at the world’s best restaurants and widespread acclaim, Providoor sources your new midweek, frozen favorites from the likes of Colloca, Narayan, Manu and Luke Nguyen. By working closely with each chef in recipe testing, you can expect nothing less than a flavorful meal.

Enjoy slow-cooked meals in an instant

Whether you’re organizing a last-minute dinner or like to curl up on the couch after a long day, Providoor has more than 70 ready-made frozen meals in different portion sizes for all occasions. Using a quick freezing process to lock in all the flavor of a freshly prepared meal, you can expect a restaurant-quality dish even after a quick zap in the oven or microwave.

Surprise your guests with a Wagyu beef rendang whipped up by Luke Nguyen, or celebrate a family celebration with a classic Italian lasagna for six people from Silvia Colloca.

Only feeding yourself this week? Add a few servings of sticky and sweet coq au vin with onion, pancetta and mushrooms to your liking, with a spicy yuzu tart from Anna Polyviou to finish your food. And if you cdon’t decide? Let Providedoor choose for you, with Well-organized packages for all occasions and dietary requirements.

Ready to enjoy chef-quality meals this winter? Get started with a 20% discount when you sign up via Urban List and join the race to win up to 3 months of free Providoor here.

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