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Getting Antsy From Staying At Home? You’re Not Alone

Getting Antsy From Staying At Home? You’re Not Alone

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, people all across Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and Canada have been stuck at home. Many of us have been at home for a month or longer. Most people have not seen their friends and relatives in person during this time. It is no wonder that many of us are starting to get antsy and want to get out of the house.

While making trips to the grocery store, doctor, and other essential services are still allowed, you still need to take the right precautions to avoid getting sick. Rather than putting yourself at risk and in contact with other people, there are plenty of other things you can do to get some fresh air and get out of the house.

If restrictions in your area allow you to go outside to exercise, do so, but remember to stay at least 2 meters (6 feet) apart from others. Also, always wear a facemask or other face covering when heading outside. Going for a walk around the block or down by the waterfront can be a great way to alleviate feelings of being “trapped” at home.

If you have a home with a backyard, take advantage of it for some fresh air. You could start planning your spring garden and updates you want to make like what flowers and vegetables to plant this season. Clean off the patio furniture so you can relax outside reading a book.

Another option is to get into your car and go for a drive in the countryside or cottage county if restrictions allow it. Simply getting out of the city for a few hours can be the break that you need. If there aren’t any other cars near you, roll down the windows for some fresh air!

As Premier Ford and Mayor Tory start releasing reopening strategies, try not to get too overly excited. Many people will want to get out of the house right away, so it will be better for your health and well-being to try and wait a little longer.

Things will need to be reopened in phases or stages and then monitored to ensure there is not a resurgence in COVID-19 infections. By staying at home as much as possible and practicing safe social distancing as things reopen, we can all do our part to control the spread of the virus and lower the risks of a second wave of infections.

If you are feeling frustrated, sad, antsy, or bored because you haven’t had contact with anyone outside the home, consider talking to a counsellor. Counselling sessions are a great way to have someone to talk to about your concerns relating to COVID-19, your job, your finances, your marriage, or even your kids.

Counselling can also help you get a fresh perspective and alleviate stress and anxiety. Best of all, counselling can be done over the phone or via video conferencing through Skype or other such apps.

To schedule a counselling session with Toronto single, couples and marriage counsellor Ellen Starr, call 416-488-3102 today!

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Marc (August 2013, 5 stars)

I’ve been seeing Ellen since 2009 and the experience has been incredibly valuable. I first came to her because I had a lot of doubts about a relationship in. She helped me through a big break up and the rebound afterwards. We even maintained our sessions for a number of years afterwards. Because of her I’m much more in tune with my emotions and needs. I highly recommend her services for anyway with relationship and intimacy difficulties

April 6, 2016

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