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A Lack of Sexual Intimacy Could Ruin Your Relationship

A Lack of Sexual Intimacy Could Ruin Your Relationship

Most people have reservations when it comes to talking about sex with their partner. They find it difficult to find the right words or feel embarrassed discussing things that they feel should either go unspoken due their sensitivity of this topic. As a result, this could lead to problems between you and your partner. He or she may feel like they are not performing correctly, their body is letting them down, or end up blaming themselves because they feel they are not able to sexually turn their partner on enough, to arose them and stimulate them.

You would be surprised by how many people have sexual problems and are afraid to talk about them. They believe their current issues only affect older men or women and not them. They seek to place blame on some other aspect of their life for their performance issues, such as blaming their partner, something they ate, being overworked and tired, and so on. Granted, there can be underlying issues causing stress, and therefore affecting performance, but unless these are identified and addressed, overcoming performance issues can be difficult.

The best way to find out the cause of sex related problems and learn how to overcome them, is to seek help from a professional Toronto licensed therapist, who specializes in sexual therapy. Sexual therapy allows you to explore your sexuality in a safe environment where you will not be judged. You are free to express your feelings and desires while working on those issues that are currently causing you concern and creating problems with sexual intimacy between you and your partner.

Far too often, people do not address sexual problems when they start occurring in a relationship. As the relationship progresses, sexual intimacy between the couple continues to decline where they might only be intimate a few times of month, if at all. Eventually, the partner that desires sex and is not having any issues, grows frustrated with the other partner. This can lead to disagreements, arguments, and a breakdown in the relationship. Further the sexually unsatisfied partner could seek release with someone else.

By addressing sexual problems sooner, rather than later, you can potentially save your relationship and prevent your partner from even considering cheating on you. Sexual therapy in Toronto is available for individuals and couples. When exploring your sexuality, you may feel more comfortable and relaxed working one-on-one with your therapist, before bringing in your partner, to start learning how to communicate about sexuality and those things you want him or her to know.

In some cases, the problems you were facing before therapy could seem daunting, but once you begin receiving professional help, might discover they were not as overwhelming as you first believed. You may want to consider Toronto sexual therapy if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • A sense of guilt when you cannot perform.
  • A sense your body is letting you down.
  • A feeling your relationship could be at risk.
  • Blaming yourself because your partner was not satisfied.

A great way to get started is to pick up the phone and call Ellen Starr marriage counseling at 416-488-3102 today. Since 1987, I have helped numerous people overcome sexual related issues and problems over the years.

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Marc (August 2013, 5 stars)

I’ve been seeing Ellen since 2009 and the experience has been incredibly valuable. I first came to her because I had a lot of doubts about a relationship in. She helped me through a big break up and the rebound afterwards. We even maintained our sessions for a number of years afterwards. Because of her I’m much more in tune with my emotions and needs. I highly recommend her services for anyway with relationship and intimacy difficulties

April 6, 2016

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