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Top Objections to Counselling & Why People Are Afraid to Seek Help

Top Objections to Counselling & Why People Are Afraid to Seek Help

There can be many different reasons why people object to counselling and are afraid to seek help even when it can be beneficial for them. Let’s take a look at some of these objections.

Counselling is only for the weak-minded or those who are mentally ill.

Sure, there are people that are mentally ill and come to counselling, as well as those that are in a depressed state. However, counselling is actually used more by people facing problems in their lives, like attempting to save their marriage with marriage counselling.

Top Objections to Counselling & Why People Are Afraid to Seek Help

People also come to counselling to help them gain more confidence in their abilities so they can reach their personal and career objectives a goals. In this instance, the counsellor is more like your life coach.

People will make fun of me for going to counselling.

First off, it is entirely up to you whether you tell your co-workers, friends, and family you are going to counselling. Unless you tell them, in all likelihood, they will have no idea you are going.

Your counsellor provides confidentiality, so unless you give them express permission to share with others you are seeing them, they will not. (Please keep in mind there are a few exceptions to this based on legal requirements and certain laws.)

I can just talk to my friends or family about my problems.

It is great that you have a support system to turn to when you have important issues on your mind. However, your friends and family may not always be the best people to turn to, especially if they cannot remain objective.

It is not uncommon for them to tell you what you want to hear, or take your side on an issue. They may even tell you how to solve the problem based on what they would do or attempt to fix it themselves. This may not have been your intention when all you wanted was someone to just “vent” to and get “things off your chest.”

I went to counselling before and it did not work for me.

Chances are you were at a place in your life where you either were not willing to participate in your counselling or just “going through the motions” to please a parent or other family member. In order for counselling to be truly effective, you need to take an active role. In addition, there needs to be a therapeutic relationship between your counselor and yourself where they are responsive and actually listen to help provide guidance.

Counselling is only for women.

Men often feel counselling is just for women because it involves getting in touch with you emotions and just too touchy-feely for them. However, this is not the case. There are numerous counselling techniques used and can be adapted to allow you to choose the method that best works for you and makes you feel the most comfortable.

Now that you have seen why these objections are not always valid, and want to give counselling a try, please feel free to contact me, Ellen Starr at 416-488-3102 today to request a consultation appointment!

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Marc (August 2013, 5 stars)

I’ve been seeing Ellen since 2009 and the experience has been incredibly valuable. I first came to her because I had a lot of doubts about a relationship in. She helped me through a big break up and the rebound afterwards. We even maintained our sessions for a number of years afterwards. Because of her I’m much more in tune with my emotions and needs. I highly recommend her services for anyway with relationship and intimacy difficulties

April 6, 2016

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