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Pregnancy and Post-Partum Counselling

Toronto Pregnancy and Post-Partum Counselling

It was not that long ago when most people believed that when a woman got pregnant it meant she should feel happy. However after much research, this is not always the case for every single woman. In some cases, in part to hormonal changes, a woman could feel sad or even depressed during pregnancy.

She might have fears or concerns about whether she will be a good mom. She could be worried about being able to carry the baby full term. For the pregnant mother, being able to express these and other issues can be difficult.

They might feel ashamed they feel this way, or do not believe their family and friends will by sympathetic and understanding. Fortunately, pregnant women can openly share and discuss their feelings, concerns, and other issues in a safe, caring, compassionate and nonjudgmental environment through pregnancy counselling.

This type of counselling is for any woman of any age whether this is your first pregnancy or your second, third or fourth. Every woman goes through pregnancy differently and the changes in their hormone levels can affect them differently, as well.

Pregnancy counselling is designed to account for your individual needs, objectives and concerns. You are free to talk about any topic that you are having problems addressing on your own, such as:

  • Work life balance concerns after the baby is born.
  • Being able to maintain a career.
  • Deciding which parent will stay at home with the baby.
  • Intimacy and sex concerns while pregnant.
  • Deciding if you want to breast feed or bottle feed your baby.
  • Exploring the reasons for sadness, depression, or other such emotions you are experiencing and do not know why.
  • Identifying potential triggers from your past or present life that could be the source of your problems.
  • Working through unresolved issues, like the loss experienced from a previous miscarriage.

Addressing these concerns during pregnancy is beneficial for both you and your baby. Women that go through pregnancy without seeking counselling have increased risks of premature births, lower birth weights, and postpartum depression.

What If I Am Happy Now But Not After the Baby Is Born?

Some women go through all the joys and happiness of their pregnancy without any problems whatsoever. They are looking forward to bringing their newborn into the world and cannot wait. However, after the baby is born, things can quickly change.

A new mother may start to feel the effect the baby is having on their life, such as:

  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Inability to keep up with personal hygiene.
  • A lack of wanting to do anything, even care for the baby.
  • Stress and anxiety from not being able to adjust to the new baby’s schedule.
  • A general sense of feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.
  • Crying for no apparent reason.
  • Blaming your partner or spouse because they don’t understand what you are going through.
  • Inability to focus on your other children.

When a new mother is experiencing these types of emotions and problems, it is commonly referred to as postpartum depression. Working through your emotions, issues, and concerns post-pregnancy with counselling is not only beneficial for you, but also your new baby.

To schedule pregnancy or postpartum counselling in Toronto, please feel free to contact me, Ellen Starr directly at 416-488-3102 today!

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Marc (August 2013, 5 stars)

I’ve been seeing Ellen since 2009 and the experience has been incredibly valuable. I first came to her because I had a lot of doubts about a relationship in. She helped me through a big break up and the rebound afterwards. We even maintained our sessions for a number of years afterwards. Because of her I’m much more in tune with my emotions and needs. I highly recommend her services for anyway with relationship and intimacy difficulties

April 6, 2016

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