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Should Sexual Fantasies Be Shared With Your Partner?

Should Sexual Fantasies Be Shared With Your Partner?

Deciding whether to share your sexual fantasies with your partner is an important decision each person needs to make for themselves. In some cases, sharing the details can help strengthen your relationship and increase the level of intimacy both people feel. On the other hand, sharing too much information or certain types of fantasies could lead to a less than desirable outcome or result in less frequent sexual encounters.

If you are contemplating about sharing details of certain sexual fantasies with your partner, but are not sure how receptive they will be or how they will react, it is best to seek outside advice from a qualified therapist, who specializes in sexual therapy in Toronto, like me, Ellen Starr. Being able to talk about your fantasies with a therapist helps provide additional insight about your sexual preferences and desires, without risking your relationship.

Should Sexual Fantasies Be Shared With Your Partner

It is not uncommon for some people, who have fully satisfying sexual relationships to never speak about their fantasies with each other. Rather, during the peak of their arousal, some people are actually thinking about their fantasies and as a result, increases the level of passion between the couple.

In addition, you do not have to feel like you will be judged or made to feel uncomfortable while speaking with your therapist. My objective is to create a safe, secure, and comfortable environment where you can feel relaxed and open about talking about whatever fantasies you might have, while at the same time helping you determine if it is in your best interests to share these with your partner.

Should you decide to share some or all of your sexual fantasies with your partner, your sexual therapist is there to help guide you through this process. For instance, they might offer suggestions on how to approach the subject with your partner, without giving away too much information or details upfront to determine how receptive they are, at first. In the event your partner is receptive, then you are also enabled with the knowledge on how best to proceed.

For couples, where one partner is insistent on learning more about the other’s fantasies, sexual therapy can be also be beneficial for both people. Counselling sessions can be conducted on an individual basis or as a couple. Although, sometimes when one partner is pressuring the other to open up, it could signify a deeper issue or concern, not entirely related to the sexual intimacy the couple experiences or sexual fantasies, but rather a feeling their partner no longer openly communicates with them as much as they used to do, for example.

Exploring sexual fantasies can be a healthy process for people in a relationship, with the right guidance from a therapist. To schedule a consultation appointment for sexual therapy to discuss your fantasies or other sexual and intimacy concerns, please feel free to call my Toronto counselling office at 416-488-3102.

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