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Why Are People Resistant To Change?

Why Are People Resistant To Change?

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, one thing has become evident and that is most people are resistant to change. A great example of this resistance is from people who refuse to wear a face mask when required in public spaces, shopping centers, doctor’s offices, and other such places. This resistance to change can be due to one of the following several reasons.

Covid 19 Issues

Reason #1: A Sense of Overwhelming and Stress

When we are overwhelmed, and let’s face it, many of have been overwhelmed and stressed due to this virus, it can cause us to not want to give in and not change. They feel like they have already made so many changes that they are just to the point they cannot handle anymore.

Reason #2: People Are Afraid of Things Not Being Normal

We are all used to getting into a routine and following specific habits. When that balance is upset, it can cause us to become afraid of things that are simply out of our control. Resistance to change for this reason is more of a defensive mechanism we turn to as a means of coping.

Reason #3: Resentment Towards Others

When we are not happy with the state of things, like all the changes being imposed by the government, local authorities, businesses, and so on, some of us can start to feel resentment. This resentment can continue to grow and fester, leading to a breaking point, where we simply reach a point where we have had enough and refuse to make any more changes.

Reason #4: We Are Mentally and Physically Drained

Some people resist change simply because they are fatigued mentally and physically. They do not have the strength or energy to attempt to change so they refuse. It is easier for them to resist change than make an effort.

Reason #5: Making a Change Will Not Matter

Then there are some people who have “the glass is half-empty” attitude. As such, for them when change is needed, their outlook is already negative. They assume that it will not make any difference or matter whatsoever.

Reason #6: Change Makes the Person Feel Threatened in Some Manner

If someone lost their job and was displaced by outsourcing or technology, it is no wonder they would be resistant to change, as change has already hurt them.

As you can see there are all sorts of reasons people can have for not wanting to change. Yet, there are times when change is unavoidable and must occur. Fortunately, speaking to a qualified counselor can help you adjust to change and uncover the reasons why you are resistant.

Having someone to talk to that is remains objective allows you to explore your feelings and emotions without any judgments in a caring and supportive environment. When we can uncover why we don’t want to change, we can then address those issues to make change easier.

If you are having difficulties making changes either from this virus or other reasons, or just simply need someone to talk about marriage and relationship issues or career issues, please feel free to contact Toronto individual, couples, and marriage counsellor, Ellen Starr at 416-488-3102 today!

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